The augmented reality app Wonderscope has launched a new episode of animated interactive stories for young audience. Known as “Willowcrest Manor”, the new episode is a horror take, though the experience might not be as spooky to all kids.

When a player opens the augmented reality story, they can summon a complete haunted house inside their room. This will stand in front of them like a doll’s house and they can approach and examine it from all sides as seen below:

Wonderscope Willowcrest Manor
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Wonderscope Willowcrest Manor

When some curious characters in the AR story invade the house looking for treasure, the player is cast in the role of a spirit who will scare the invaders to death using various classic horror recipes. In the AR story, players can perform various acts to scare away the intruders including touching cobwebs to bark up the bats or bringing dead objects back to life. They can even summon a scary voice to scare away the unwelcome guests.

Through Wonderscope, the XR Studio Within is exploring augmented reality storytelling while motivating kids to move around. To follow the augmented reality story, the player must move around the room using their iPad or iPhone and interact with the various virtual characters and objects.

The stories also touch on simple speech recognition. The kids must recite the displayed text which is part of the dialogue. This allows the kids to naturally communicate with the characters using their own voice while at the simultaneously learning to read English.

You can download the Wonderscope app free from the App Store and it will come with an included free AR story. Other stories such as Willowcrest manor and the enchanting Clio’s Cosmic Quest can be downloaded for a small fee. Wonderscope will be adding more augmented reality experiences to the app in the future.

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