Fun augmented reality with AI-powered body tracking filters in real time

There is a new Apple app in town that has all the makings of a potential Pokemon-esque social media craze around the world. Posemoji offers users a new way of expressing themselves via movement with body tracking filters and effects and is available for free download on iOS.

It looks like something that meet soon pick up a Pokemon-like crazy thanks to the creative ways in which it generates natural body pose augmented reality filters.

In various images shared via Twitter, follow the Twitter hashtag #Posemoji, people move and lines of lights, effects or emojis move in concert with their performances thereby generating a mesmerizing visual effect.

You don’t need some sophisticated AR smartglasses to experience Posemoji. All that you will need is an Apple iOS device. The app is freely downloadable on the iStore. The app enables a user to record videos where the augmented reality content tracks the user’s hand and body movements to create various kinds of special effects. Blow a kiss, for example, and watch a cute pink kiss symbol blow off from the mouth or make some spontaneous hand movements to draw a line in space.

One effect shows a London street dancer dancing to some a hit song while juggling what appears to be a electric current or streak of wavy light that shifts color from red to blue:

In yet another creative Posemoji video, a young lady performs dance moves to the sound of some background music while spreading their hands out to roll out and contract a virtual X-ray style block that they can move around their face, torso and other parts of the body in a very entertaining manner:

One Posemoji video by user @SarahMidMO describes a “Slow clap…with my virtual hand sanitizer” in which she appears to clap with red hot (electro)static flames flaming in her hands:-

In another video shared by Twitter user @tomemrich, he performs various  special effects on Posemoji including one where he spreads his arms out to unveil a colorful arch of rainbow and much more:-

The Posemoji app does pose estimation and accurate body tracking through machine learning that is based on Viro’s proprietary AR/VR engine. The app then generates 60 frames-per-second visuals on virtually any iOS device which supports ArKit.

The app comes with a fairly good selection of free special effects. However, if you want unroll more special effects, you will have to enable them via in-app purchases where a single effect goes for $0.99. To unlock the complete bundle of special effects available via in-app purchases, you will pay $7.99

You can have a friend record your moves and special effects or simply reverse the camera view, put your iOS device in an upright position and start recording your Posemoji video using the app’s 5 second countdown timer. After recording the footage, you can share it with your friends and the larger Posemoji community on social media or simply save it to your camera roll.

The app also offers the option to record a background sound with the Posemoji videos or you can choose to mute all sounds while still having the freedom to add separate music to your videos at a later date.

The visuals may not be as slick and seamless as they appear in the videos we shared but they are still pretty good and will probably be more refined as Posemoji improves the app over time.

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