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Stress Level Zero announced in February of last year that it was working on a new game for Quest and SteamVR headsets that would incorporate the physics-based system from Boneworks (2019), the studio’s popular shooter-adventure for PC VR. It seems we may be getting a peek sometime soon.

Stress Level Zero co-founder Brandon Laatsch broke radio silence on Twitter today, saying that the studio is finally getting ready to reveal their next title.

There isn’t anything else to go on, be it images or video for now. By the sounds of it though, the studio’s fourth game (codenamed Project 4) isn’t shying away from the sort of ridiculous ragdoll physics that Boneworks is so well known for, as Laatsch describes “messing around with three bodies on an escalator.”

That’s the sort of patently Boneworkian stuff we’ve seen attract YouTube views in the multi-millions, and drive the studio’s revenue past the multimillion mark too.

Stress Level Zero’s most recent update to Boneworks was back in June 2020, so it seems the team has been full steam ahead on getting its next project out the door. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more Project 4 news in the coming weeks, as we imagine there’s set to be a deluge of pre-launch marketing hype to capitalize on both the relative success of Boneworks and Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 standalone VR headset.

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