Just when you thought you knew everything about the upcoming Knuckles (Index) controllers, you receive another surprise. And this time, it doesn’t really have to do anything with the buttons or movement. Rather, it has to do with sound.

Brian Lindehof, who is a developer decided to tweak the upcoming Valve controllers to make it play a song simply using midi files. Yup, he made the Knuckles Index controllers chirp by simply having it play some midi files.

In the video you can see he has a mic next to the controllers which are lying on the floor. By playing some midi files, he was able to have the controllers make some noises and change octaves to put together this musical masterpiece.

If you ever wanted to attempt this on your own, there is a Github link with files for you to try out. Valve is still working on the upcoming controllers and we should have some more news on May 1st alongside the Index VR headsets. But for now, just enjoy and have some fun watching this video.

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