Tilt Five’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign has concluded successfully, fully-funded by more than 3,000 backers. The fundraising campaign has achieved more than four times the initial fundraising goal of $450,000, raising $1,767,301 million from 3,345 backers. The delivery of the augmented reality glasses along with the game boards is scheduled for June 2020.  The fundraising campaign also managed to achieve and unlock all its four stretch goals.

Tilt Five
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Tilt Five

Tilt Five is a tabletop consumer augmented reality system which can be used either solo or with several people at once. It consists of compatible augmented reality glasses and a square game board.

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign offered backers several options. For a pledge of $299, the donor would get all that’s required for one person to use the system including a single pair of lightweight and high-FOV augmented reality glasses, the square game board that frames the augmented reality content as well as the wand that the user can interact with which appears on the game board. The package also comes with other accessories such as the required cables. For a pledge of $879, the user gets three pairs of glasses alongside three accompanying wands.

With six hours remaining before the closing of the fundraising campaign, Tilt Five CEO and co-founder Jeri Ellisworth posted an endorsement from Gabe Newell who stated that he was “super-impressed” with the system. The campaign hit its fourth stretch goal with two hours left.

Tilt Five launch will include a number of free introductory games. The company has already announced various content partners that will bring games to the tabletop augmented reality system including Tabletopia, Monocle Society and many others. Because the fundraising campaign had surpassed its initial fundraising goal, it went on to achieve three more stretch goals which will reward its backers even more as follows:-

  • Stretch Goal #1 (at $750,000): Provides one new board color. Allows backers who pledge $359 or more to pick between a black board or other color scheme that is to be decided based on a vote done with the backers.
  • Stretch Goal #2 ($1, 250,000): Provides an additional glasses and wand color. Backers pledging $359 or more can pick a black and white color scheme or a second color scheme that is picked based on a vote done with the backers.
  • Stretch Goal #3 (at $1,500,000): Offers another glasses and wand color that is decided according to a vote done with the backers.
  • Stretch Goal #4 (at 1,750,000): Includes three games for free: Chuck’s Challenge 3D, Wartile and Cubiti pARti. This will come with systems being shipped to the backers.

Tilt Five is planning to ship kits to backers by mid-2020.

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