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Skydance Interactive announced that its gritty zombie-flavored survival horror game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020), has now surpassed a whopping $29 million in revenue.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners immediately garnered critical acclaim when it was first launched on PC VR headsets last January. The combat-heavy adventure has since launched on PSVR and Oculus Quest, giving it the best chance at reaching basically anyone with a VR headset.

We liked it so much, we named it Road to VR’s Oculus Quest Game of the Year for its intense physics-based combat and intriguing story, which has you scrounging around as a new survivor in a post-apocalyptic New Orleans. You can choose to side with rival factions, or walk your own path. Either way, you’ll need a pointy stick and a gun to survive the hordes of undead. Find out why we gave it a resounding [9/10] in our full review.

Here’s a quick breakdown: at its $50 price tag for the more expensive ‘Tourist Edition’ on PC and PSVR, that gives it a hard bottom of 580,000 units sold. That’s not taking into account that the standard edition sells for $40 on PC and PSVR, and the ‘Tourist Edition’ for $40 on Quest. That puts it somewhere between 580,000 – 725,000 total units sold across all platforms, which doesn’t account for periodic sales either.

Notably, Skydance says since its launch on Quest in October 2020, the game sold “10× more” on Quest in comparison to the Oculus PC version.

Since Quest’s launch in 2019, the standalone platform has sold over $150 million in games and apps. And Quest 2 has already surpassed the original 2019 Quest in monthly active users—a strong indicator of how rapid things are moving in VR right now.

Looking back, it was only a few months ago when Facebook announced that 20 games on the Oculus Quest platform had surpassed $1 million in revenue—a heady thought for anyone who’s been following consumer VR since its rebirth in 2016.

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