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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2020) launched on PC VR headsets yesterday, and basically established itself as one of the most gritty and violent entries into the VR horror-survival genre. Now, Skydance Interactive says both PSVR and Oculus Quest users should expect the game on the respective platforms later this year.

Skydance confirmed via Twitter today that both PSVR and Quest support will arrive in 2020, with the PSVR version slated for Spring 2020 and the Quest version for Q4 2020.

We’re hoping the studio will be able to appropriately squeeze the horror-survival game onto those lower-spec platforms, as it was really a treat to play.

Outside of being a really fun physics-based romp through a zombie-infested New Orleans, Saints & Sinners also proved to be a visually detailed and atmospheric game, so it would be a shame if Quest & PSVR users miss out on the full breadth of the experience.

Although Quest users can play it right now via Oculus Link and a VR-ready computer, when it launches as a native Quest title later this year it will effectively be one of the longest and largest titles on the platform to date. In our play through, it took us 11 hours to complete, although there’s plenty of meat on the bone for at least another handful of hours of scrounging for supplies and crafting impressive weapons.

Make sure to check our full review here to find out why we gave it a resounding [9/10].

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