Imagine yourself one day sitting around watching TV with your dog when all of a sudden an infected asteroid comes crashing down in your garden. When you go to inspect what happened, your dog becomes infected into a zombie and starts infecting others in the community. Well, that’s exactly what happens in ZomB.

In ZomB you get to control George, as the hapless inhabitant of the sleepy English countryside village. His whole pleasant life turns into an undead nightmare by his own best friend in their final throws at life.

You will control George and his ever growing undead horde via a 3D tabletop view of his village. You will walk around the landscape, get down low and look down into the streets, place down target flags to let George know where you want him to wreak havoc.

You will be controlling the horde’s movement and choose where to fight and how to get passed the police with their barricades to go onto other towns and victims.

There are 4 levels of difficulty in this game to challenge your master zombie spreading mind. ZomB is currently available on Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Windows mixed reality headsets for $7.99. Make sure to give it a look.

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