21 companies from the gaming industry convened this week at the UN Climate Summit to discuss their future contribution towards environmental protection and the combating of climate change. Altogether, these gaming companies have a combined audience of 900 million and have made commitments that will result in 30 million tonne reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. The gaming industry leaves behind a hefty carbon footprint so this commitment is worth a great deal towards combating the effects of climate change and global warming.

PSVR for Climate Change
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One of the companies participating in the discussions is Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) which is one of the biggest gaming conglomerates in the market. Sony is joining Google, Microsoft, Supercell, WildWorks, Rovio, Ubisoft and Stadia among other industry players to form “Playing for the Planet” initiative.

The initiative is aimed at fostering sustainability in the gaming industry. Sony is already a step ahead towards a greener gaming future with the company already working on the next PlayStation console that will be more energy-friendly.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed that SIE’s next PlayStation console will use less power when suspending gameplay. According to Ryan, this feature will help save an equivalent of average electricity use for 1,000 US homes if a million players activate the feature.

Sony has confirmed that it will be manufacturing a new PlayStation console next year. The official reveal for the console, “PS5” will be sometime next year.

VR fans can also look forward to the possibility of a new generation of PSVR apps that will explore the theme of climate change. According to Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment is exploring the possibility of introducing new virtual reality apps that will raise awareness on climate issues and climate experts.

Virtual reality and mixed reality already being used to raise awareness on climate change and other climate or weather-related crises is nothing new. Check out the Weather Channel’s terrifying rendition of various storms and effects of global warming. The immersive nature of the platform has opened the pathways for creatives to raise awareness and sensitive audiences on various climate-related issues.

PSVR has been primarily a gaming platform so it will be interesting to see the kinds of interactive content that Sony will come up with to create experiences that raise awareness on the climate crisis.

As a mammoth, diverse and fast-growing community, there is a lot of opportunity for the leading players in the gaming industry to take a stand, make a commitment and support the conversation on the importance of conserving our planet for future generations.

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