Stock footage website Shutterstock has today announced the launch of an augmented reality iOS app with a “View in Room” feature which leverages augmented reality to allow users to visualize how a Shutterstock image might look like against a wall in their rooms.

The new AR feature is based on ARKit framework that was launched in 2017 alongside the iOS 11. The launch of the feature is in response to the rising number of users now using Shutterstock images as wall artwork. The “View in Room” feature will allow users to use AR to visualize this large library of images on their walls.

Shutterstock Augmented Reality iOS App
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Shutterstock Augmented Reality iOS App

The in-house mobile team at Shutterstock leveraged the iOS ARKit framework to implement the augmented reality experience thereby allowing Shutterstock users to interact with the large collection of Shutterstock images in a very realistic way. Shutterstock images are now finding new uses beyond online and offline publishing. The latest trend is the use of these images as in-office, in-store or in-home artwork. They are being used as wall décor in both residential and commercial spaces.

By using an AR app to project these images on walls in their spaces, users can not only imagine but also see how the stock images will actually look like in real life. By positioning the images virtually in a room, the AR feature brings the user’s imagination closer to reality and allows them to visualize the image in their rooms even before the purchase and licensing.

The Shutterstock AR feature is very easy to use. Once you open the app, you can see the “View in Room” button in all the 250 million Shutterstock images. Click on this button to switch on the camera mode. Users can subsequently hold their iPhone cameras up to a wall where they wish to place the stock image or artwork and the app will identify the wall space and display the virtual image directly on the wall.

Shutterstock developed this AR project from an earlier iteration during its annual employee Hackathon event, Hack to the Future. The stock footage company expects the AR feature, with its practical real-world use-case, to have an instant impact with its customers.

The new AR Shutterstock feature provides a functionality that is similar to that of other AR capabilities that have been incorporated into other iOS apps. A perfect example of this is the IKEA “Place” app which places virtual IKEA furniture onto a potential buyer’s real room space.


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