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Gadgeteer (2019), the physics-based puzzle game from indie studio Metanaut, is officially headed to Oculus Quest on October 24th.

Originally launched on PC VR headsets via Early Access in April on Steam and the Oculus Store for Rift, the Rube Goldberg-inspired puzzler is said to serve up 60 physics puzzles, a sandbox mode, and an all-important sharing function so you can trade creations with the community.

We took a deep dive in our Early Access review of Gadgeteer, with regular Road to VR contributor Gabriel Moss saying it was “supremely satisfying to come up with an idea for a machine, iterate on it until each segment is perfect, and then watch as the chain reaction go off exactly the way you want it to.”

“There’s always a chance that something won’t work completely right; a domino might fall in the wrong direction or a marble won’t land hard enough, making part of the challenge of building the ‘best’ machine a matter of tightening your design for the best probable outcome.”

Metanaut, a Vancouver-based team, began work on the Quest port back in July. Even in its early access state on PC VR, Gadgeteer proves to be a pretty fantastic experience, providing enough open-ended options to keep you building and setting off reactions for longer than the Quest’s battery can last on a single charge.

You can wishlist the Quest version here. There’s no pricing available yet, although if it falls in line with the PC VR version, it should come in around $15.

The post Rube Goldberg Puzzle ‘Gadgeteer’ to Launch on Oculus Quest October 24th appeared first on Road to VR.

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