Augmented reality measurements is one of the most popular AR applications across a diverse array of industries including baggage measurements in airport, shoe size measurements during shopping and furniture measurements among others. The latest application is parcel measurements. The Royal Mail App now includes a new AR parcel sizer feature that helps users to determine the size of their parcels when sending or receiving them.

Royal Mail App Parcel Resizer
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Royal Mail App Parcel Resizer

The Augmented Reality parcel sizer enables users to determine the size, format and price of their parcels. They will also be able to buy postage directly through the app thereby significantly streamlining and simplifying the parcel sending process.

Amazon Alexa Integration

The Royal Mail App also includes Amazon Alexa integration that will enable users to track items purchased on Amazon through Alexa by simply mentioning the code name that had previously been fixed for the mail item on the app. Once a user has set the code name, they just utter the words “Alexa Ask Royal Mail to track my item”. In turn the Alexa integration will prompt them to provide the reference number or alias of the item that they wish to track. The Alexa feature will then furnish the user with the latest status of the item once the reference number or alias has been confirmed.

The user can set the alias. For example, they could provide it with a moniker such as “My cool wetshave kit” or “new iPhone”. Choose a description that you can easily memorize. Phrases are generally easier to memorize than tracking numbers making it easier to search the tracked items.

When tracking an item on the Royal Mail App, the app stores the item on the user’s tracking history and the user can subsequently click the item and set their preferred alias name. The user then has to enable Royal Mail Alexa Skill and then link their account. The Royal Mail Alexa skill syncs up to the Royal Mail App.

The app is still new but it has grown considerably robust in the past year. These include the following:-

  • When sending an item, you can purchase postage on the app with just a few simple steps.
  • There is a postcode and address finder where the user can enter a part of the address and the app will fill in the rest of the details.
  • It allows the user to find any Post Office or Delivery Office/Customer Service Point
  • Tracking items: Users can track the ID number or scan barcode to determine the progress of parcel deliveries.
  • Users can receive push notifications on the deliveries to avoid missing the delivery dates.
  • Book redeliveries: In case you missed an item, it is possible to easily book a Redelivery from the app by re-entering address and specifying the new delivery date.
  • You can snap and store receipts using the App to save on postage receipts.

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