EmuVR, like other traditional emulators, plays classic games such as House of the Dead, Super Mario and Co among others on PC. These games can be graphically refined upon request.

It is impressive enough to play House Of The Dead with a light gun in each hand down an arcade. But what about playing House Of The Dead, Duck Hunt and Time Crisis all simultaneously?

EmuVr Light Guns
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EmuVr Light Guns

The emulator EmuVR enables users to play the old PC and console games in a mock-retro bedroom in virtual reality. Emulators have been around for quite a number of years for various kinds of retro consoles. EmuVR is remarkable in that emulates the 80s and 90s’ kids rooms. The classic game consoles such as the first PlayStation or the N64 provide the photorealistic models beside the good old tube. When users play, they are able to take the original gamepads of those decades into the virtual reality. The console also plugs itself into TV.

This week, EmuVR added light gun support. Players will be able to play light gun games and play them on multiple screens simultaneously with the same guns. As a player, you simply strap the cybergoggles and you are immediately immersed into a child’s bedroom straight out of the 80s or 90s magazine advert. The triple lightgunning that you experience when playing multiple games at the same time is virtual reality at its most intoxicating. Players can also simply decide to play one game.

EmuVR is now in closed beta testing. After that, the game will be free. The good news is that the game will also support the old monitors and not just the cybergoggles but it is best enjoyed in the “goggzone”. The game uses the Retroarch emulator that provides supports for various vintage gaming platforms including PlayStation, DOS, ZX Spectrum and ScummVM. EmuVR is currently, mostly, about console games.

The scenery is like a hack. The concept of binding cyber-goggles onto the face and then sitting inside a retro child’s bedroom straight out of the 80s and 90s might not appeal to a lot of people. However, the experience of triple-gunning is quite an extraordinary one and makes for a remarkable virtual reality experience. Players can also opt to play each of the games at a time should they wish to.

The game includes support for some of the oldies such as control monitors. In spite of this, the game remains a virtual zone. The Retroarch emulator used in the game allows gamers to run the classic games on various consoles as well as computers via an impressive graphical interface. Because the settings work, the configurations of the game will work immediately.

EmuVr’s main focus has always been on the console games but it is the beautiful magic that it creates in the PCs that allows for a pitch-perfect experience. According to EmuVR, some features of the game are still in the works and it is planning to embed these onto the game in the future. However, players will still be able to enjoy the gameplay in the light gun games as EmuVr works on fixing the bugs and enhancing the player experience. The beta version of the EmuVr experience will, thus, still have a few rough edges as the company continues to refine and improve the game.

EmuVr supports various engines including Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, Windows Mixed Reality along with the 2D monitor. Platforms that are still incompatible include Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, PSVR, cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR.

Interested players will also need to bring their vintage games. Even downloadable ROMs will work. Currently, EmuVR does not include any game lists.

The Extra Perks

Players who are interested in joining the beta release can email beta@emuvr.net and then await response from the company. An invite will be sent which the user must accept in order to be a part of their Beta Discord community within a few hours or a few days. Look for the email either on your inbox or in the spam folder. Players can subsequently download the latest build, learn about the mechanics and join the EmuVr community.

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