Porsche has partnered with Holoride for a new virtual reality experience that will immerse passengers in a separate world of virtual reality as they take a ride in Porsche cars.

Porsche Holoride
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The Porsche virtual reality experience aims to reimagine the traditional built-in rear seat entertainment in cars. On Monday, Porsche announced its latest VR technology as well as the various virtual experiences that it can offer its passengers. Passengers in Porsche cars equipped with the VR technology from Holoride will be able to choose between 2D and 3D experiences. For the VR experiences provided in the vehicle, the sensors will mimic the physical movements of the car.

If the driver turns to the left, the virtual reality program will immerse the user/passengers in virtual experiences that shift to the left and closely mimic the motions of the vehicle. One of the VR experiences flies the user through a futuristic city while another immerses them into a kind of underwater adventure. The motion sickness in the experience is also reduced to a large extent by having the VR following the physical motions of the car. Porsche and Holoride have stated that the VR technology could be used not just for entertainment but also for educational purposes, giving kids plenty of options to beat boredom.

Holoride is also in the process of developing new media content which will be specifically engineered for the vehicle as well as the VR technology. This will allow for the experiences- be they games, documentaries or apps-to be tailored for the length of time spent in the car, the car’s motion as well as various other contexts related to the riding experience.

The VR experience won’t be Porsche-exclusive. Holoride is opting for an open-source approach that will allow any other automaker to take advantage of its VR technology. Holoride is also partnering with the media giant Discovery to expand the scope of its technology. Holoride also partnered with Disney as well as with Audi on the games and other content.

Holoride wants to begin building the technology in 2021. With Porsche as an early adopter, the technology is likely to be rolled out in multiple German luxury cars.

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