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YUKI is an upcoming VR bullet-hell roguelike from ARVORE, the studio behind the Pixel Ripped games, The Line, and more. Today the studio released a new gameplay trailer showing how players will control the game’s character by flying them around with their hands like an action figure. Yuki is now set to launch this Summer on Quest and PC VR, with a PSVR release planned later this year.

In the Pixel Ripped games, ARVORE mixed authentic gameplay from classic gaming franchises with a VR flair. While the studio pulled this off successfully, the homage to classic games necessitated a heavy emphasis on pure gamepad gameplay without too much motion control in the mix.

With Yuki, the studio is leaning more into the native VR side of things, with an interesting bullet-hell roguelike that looks like it’ll play a bit like the ‘Xortex 26XX’ mini-game from Valve’s The Lab. Unlike ‘Xortex 26XX’, which was played in a spherical arena, it appears that the levels in Yuki will take players along a linear path that eventually brings them face to face with bosses. The studio released a new gameplay trailer today:

In the game the main character is effectively attached to the player’s hand, which means you’ll need to guide them by maneuvering your hand through the bullet-laden battlefields. In fact, the premise of the game is that the character is an action figure and the player is literally holding them and flying them around like a kid with a vivid imagination.

And while ‘Xortex 26XX’ is just a mini-game, Yuki looks to go deeper—the roguelike element means that when players are defeated, they’ll be able to improve their abilities with powerups and new weapons to make themselves stronger for the next run.

Although Yuki diverges from the ‘game within a game’ premise of Pixel Ripped, the studio still cites inspiration from classics like Star Fox, and promises the game will “challenge the player’s spatial awareness and precise reflexes across multiple levels, each filled to the brim with procedurally placed enemies, obstacles, and bullets.”

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