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Universe Sandbox, the physics-based space simulator from Giant Army, made a splash on PC back in 2015, later getting VR support so you could physically smash the Moon into the Earth with your own two hands. Now Giant Army has released a version of its galactic physics sandbox on Magic Leap 1, bringing what the studio says an “undiluted” experience.

“The experience is a vast physical simulation that pushes the performance boundaries of what the Magic Leap platform can do,” says Giant Army in a Magic Leap blog post. “It leverages various key Unity features (such as Burst) to achieve this, which means the player can create whatever interstellar scenario they choose. Some eight months later, we’re proud to release Universe Sandbox on this new platform, undiluted.”

Universe Sandbox for Magic Leap 1 is said to include “all of the physics-based fun and understanding of the original experience,” albeit giving you the ability to bounce a planet off your couch.

Not only that, but Universe Sandbox is also extremely configurable, letting you change things about your little universe such as planetary and stellar scale, mass, orbital direction, size, density, and more.

You can find it on Magic Leap World for free starting today.

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