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The high-flying shooter STRIDE (2020) from developer Joy Way is making its way to PSVR this year, however it’s coming a bit later than the anticipated ‘early 2021’ release window.

Update (March 30th, 2021): Joy Way announced via Reddit that its PSVR version of STRIDE is going to be delayed until late 2021. Here’s the full statement:

– – — – –

Many of you are waiting for news about STRIDE for PlayStation VR.

We originally planned to release the game by mid-spring with currently available content, but recently we made the decision to give players more value in the game they buy. You may have noticed that we’re running numerous beta tests lately – we are reworking STRIDE tutorial and working on new mechanics (not the story mode, it’s something different) that we will reveal later. All this will enhance the gaming experience and flatten the learning curve for new players.

It’s also necessary to mention that the rhythm game that we recently teased has no impact on STRIDE development: it is made on Unity, and STRIDE is made on UE4. There are 2 different teams working on the games.

We feel that the decision to add more content to the game and tweak the old parts will translate into more natural and fun parkour experience upon the release on PSVR. The release window remains the same – 2021, but now it’s late 2021. Thank you so much for your support and impact, your wait will be rewarded. Let’s create better VR games together!

– – — – –

The rhythm game in question was recently teased by way of a new gif, showing off a gritty, more action-filled experience. The original article detailing its launch on PSVR follows below:

Original Article (February 2nd, 2021): The Mirror’s Edge-style game is slated to include all of the recent most additions from the PC VR version, including ‘Arena’, ‘Time Run’, and ‘Endless’ modes. There’s no official release date yet for the PSVR version, however Joy Way says to “stay tuned.”

Stride offers up parkour challenges that let you sail across rooftops and shoot down hordes of gun-totting baddies in cinematic slow motion. You can also grab ledges, vault through windows, slide down cables, and swing from hooks, making you feel like a true action hero.

Joy Way says it’s still working on a story mode for the game, so it’s uncertain whether that will make it to PSVR on launch day or we’ll still have to wait. Either way, it’s definitely worth a play.

With a PSVR release coming soon, it raises the question whether Oculus Quest will be getting Stride as well. There’s still no word on when/if a Quest version is in the pipeline, however the chances are good. Now optimized for the more humble PS consoles, it gives the studio a clear incentive to release on the standalone Quest platform—especially since unit sales on Quest tend to offer up to 10 times the return as opposed to their PC VR counterparts.

The post Parkour-shooter ‘STRIDE’ Delayed on PSVR to “late 2021” appeared first on Road to VR.

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