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Sanzaru Games, the minds behind Marvel Powers United VR (2018) and VR Sports Challenge (2016), is apparently teaming up with Oculus again to develop another VR game. More details about the upcoming game are expected on Tuesday.

Update (February 2nd, 2019): The official Sanzaru community Discord server has a ‘Project Forge’ chat channel where Oculus has been teasing the community about the upcoming game. On Thursday last week, Oculus’ Mike Doran (who works closely with with Sanzaru) posted a brief video tease where he ‘snuck into a top secret room’ at the studio, in which some of the game’s developers (clearly in on the bit) were playing something on a Rift headset but quickly hurried Doran out of the room scolding, “I told you Tuesday! Not today, we’re not showing this content now, get out of here!”

Given the tease, we expect to hear more about the project this Tuesday. An initial announcement seems likely, with some details probably being held for GDC 2019 in March, an event where Oculus usually makes a big show of its upcoming titles.

The original article continues below.

Original Article (January 30th, 2019): Oculus teased the upcoming title in a tweet yesterday, which features a gif of a flaming gate.

Popping into Oculus Home, you’ll find the gate in your inventory under the name ‘Runic Door’—possibly meaning the game with have a Nordic flair. While the gate itself is devoid of any actual runes, the world tree from Norse mythology (Yggdrasil) is pretty unmistakable.

An Oculus spokesperson says in a Reddit post that users will “be impressed by the visual quality of this game. Also, the door asset is a simplified model and texture so it fits within the requirements of Oculus Home.”

Sanzaru tweeted out the word “Soon!” in response to Oculus; the studio has since setup a Discord channel (invite) named ‘Project Forge’, possibly a code name for the game.

While the studios haven’t confirmed anything beyond this, it’s safe to say this will be an Oculus Rift exclusive. The next big venue for Oculus is undoubtedly GDC 2019, which takes place between March 18th – 22nd in San Francisco, so it’s possible we’ll find out more in the coming weeks.

Additional reporting by Ben Lang

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