Facebook says its Oculus Link update should work with SteamVR which means users should be able to play SteamVR games such as No Man’s Sky and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on their Oculus Quest headset when the update arrives in November.

Oculus Link
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Oculus Link

The Oculus Link feature was revealed early this week during the Oculus Connect 6 developer conference. The free Oculus Link update will allow Quest owners to play Rift games when a user plugs in the virtual reality headset into a VR-Ready PC via a USB-C cable.

In his keynote speech during the OC6, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that “all” Rift games should be able to run on Rift smoothly with the update which arrives this November. The announcement was however vague on whether the Oculus Link update would work only with the games on Oculus own store or whether it will also run the titles on the competing SteamVR store.

UploadVR followed up with Facebook for a clarification and a Facebook representative has indeed confirmed via email that users can tether their standalone Quest headset to a PC via Oculus Link and operate their headsets the same way they’d do with a Rift headset.

That effectively means that the Oculus Link update will open the Oculus Quest headset not just to the apps on the Oculus Store but also to all the Rift-compatible experiences available on Steam. This will give Quest owners access to some of the high-profile titles such as Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky Beyond and Bethseda’s Skyrim VR.

Facebook has however added that developers who do not wish to make their apps or experiences available on both platforms may opt out of Link support if they wish to.

Unofficially, it should now be possible for Oculus Quest owners to boot up sideloaded versions of virtual reality productivity app Virtual Desktop and subsequently use its PC streaming feature in accessing the Steam-based content. Oculus Link could provide a more stable way of accomplishing this once it has been tethered to the PC.

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