A new Oculus for Business B2B platform was announced during the Oculus Connect 6 yesterday which launches in November 2019. Companies will be able to leverage this B2B platform to benefit from the business customer service.

Oculus for Business has been built for ease of adoption as well as scalability across multiple industries. The platform will transform the workplace and allow for large-scale deployments. It also expands the market opportunities for the rapidly growing community of virtual reality developers.

Oculus for Business
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Virtual reality is already permeating various facets of our lives, transforming how we work. Use-cases range from efficient product design and development to medical applications. Across the spectrum, there are lots of industries currently benefiting from the training, product demonstrations and collaboration benefits of virtual reality.  In spite of its vast potential, the deployment of virtual reality at scale has been slow and fraught with challenges. Developers have faced obstacles with scaling up their businesses under the current realities and requirements of enterprise uses. Oculus for Business promises a comprehensive approach to the deployments of all the major all-in-one headsets such as Oculus Quest and Oculus Go at scale.

Simplified Scalable Deployments

Oculus for Business begins with a piece of software designed to grow with the needs of the customers. There are new and easy-to-use management tools which are also cloud-based.

The new Oculus Device Setup app allows users to setup and also serve a large number of headsets simultaneously. There is the Device Manager control center which allows administrators to manage the provisioned headsets by updating the settings and deploying the apps remotely across multiple locations and offices. Oculus for Business also allows for the provisioning of services such as VMWare Airwatch and MobileIron. The app is currently available on Android.

Focused and Streamlined Virtual Reality

The new Oculus enterprise software also extends to the in-headset experience. A redesigned user interface will put the company content in the spotlight without having to grapple with the clutter of other consumer features or unapproved apps. In the enterprise environment, this allows the employees using the platforms to stay focused which unlocks secondary benefits such as enhancing information retention and general output. There is the kiosk mode and a sleek enterprise app launcher which enables end users to directly launch into a predetermined app. Oculus is also introducing controller-free input such as gaze-based navigation. Plans are also afoot to introduce hand-tracking in Oculus Quest which will allow for a more intuitive working and training in virtual reality for a broader number of users.

Oculus is also promising that its Oculus for Business platform will guarantee data safety and that the interactions on the platform will remain private. There is also a new help portal with dedicated customer support including email, live chat and phone support along with rapid replacement that helps cut down on the downtime and helps get things on track a lot faster to avoid impeding business processes.

You can read more information about the Oculus for Business platform on the Oculus blog and on its official website.

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