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Beat Saber fans were greeted with an update on all platforms today which has introduced a new free track debuted exclusively within the game.

‘One Hope’, which was added to the game in an update today, debuted exclusively in the game and won’t be available on other platforms like Spotify until a later date. Indie electronic band KNOWER, the artist behind the song, might not be a household name, but their choice to debut their song exclusively in Beat Saber shows the game’s growing appeal.

The band is a favorite of Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck and COO Ján Ilavský, according to their posts on Twitter, and apparently the two had been discussing the prospect of bringing KNOWER’s music to the game for some time.

How to Fix ‘Beat Saber’ Custom Songs and Mods After an Update

In addition to this free track, the studio has plans for more free tracks and several paid song packs. The studio recently spoke about their plans for releasing more music and the broader Beat Saber roadmap.

The post New Free ‘Beat Saber’ Track is an Exclusive Debut from Electronic Band ‘KNOWER’ appeared first on Road to VR.

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