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Microsoft started shipping HoloLens 2 back in November 2019, but it’s been a slow rollout to select customers. While the company says it has shipped “tens of thousands” of HoloLens 2 headset to “hundreds” of enterprise customers, it hasn’t been easy to get hands on one as a smaller company or individual. Now, Microsoft says, that’s changing.

HoloLens 2 is Microsoft’s enterprise-focused AR headset. So it makes sense that the company prioritized filling the orders of big enterprise customers before the rest (and perhaps while making some fixes to the headset’s display).

Today, some five months after the headset’s soft-ish launch, Microsoft says it’s ready to expand availability of HoloLens 2.

But you can’t go to the HoloLens site and actually order one just yet. In an email, the company said that it’s starting to reach out to those who previously signed up to be notified of the headset’s availability.

“Microsoft Store agents are connecting with everyone who submitted a form, starting with those who signed up first and working to the present. Given the unprecedented demand, this may take some time,” the email reads.

This sounds like the company still doesn’t have enough supply to offer a straightforward ordering system without risking a huge backorder, but it wants to being the process of expanding the rollout of HoloLens 2 to a broader range and type of customer. If you want to get in line, head over to the HoloLens 2 buy page and submit your inquiry.

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Microsoft has been advertising three pricing options for HoloLens 2. There’s the ‘device only’ package for $3,500, an enterprise-focused package with bundled software for $125 per user per month, and a development edition for $100 per month.

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