When your having a bad day, what do you need to do? “Keep the Root Beer On Tap” in VR by Hypernoodle Games.

In this quirky adventure you will be pouring and serving root beer to your thirsty customers as they come in packs to drain your barrels. While they won’t be getting drunk, they will be enjoying that delightful root beer of yours.

Players will have to pick up the mugs as they come flying back at you once the customers are ready to be filled up. As a player you must be careful not to waste a single mug in this arcade-style as you chase for that high-score. Keep track of all the unique customers in 17 levels of the mug tossing mess.


  • Game-play reminiscent of 80’s arcade games, re-imagined from the ground up exclusively for Virtual Reality.
  • 17 levels encompassing 5 themes have you serving root beer around the world!
  • Pick-up-and-play style controls and short play rounds can be passed around and shown quickly at parties!
  • Broke a mug? No cleanup required in VR!
  • Works with all major VR headsets and controllers! Hitting a button too easily? Change it with full support for Input remapping via SteamVR Input.
  • Root beer floats! Everyone loves a tasty root beer float!

Root Beer On Tap is available today on the Index, Vive, and Rift for $10.19. If you are in a root beery mood, this might be the way to indulge your thirst.

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