The mixed reality entertainment attractions franchise ‘The Void’ is coming to San Francisco. The location-based virtual reality startup will open a new franchise that will be located at the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall which is situated in the city’s busy Market street. ‘The Void’ has not provided any specific launch date but has stated that it will be this summer.

The Void
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The Void

The startup hasn’t announced an official launch date for its planned San Francisco outpost but posters are already in place at the Westfield food court giving a teaser of its planned launch this summer.

‘The Void’ provides users with a full body virtual reality experience and is currently available in eleven locations including Anaheim, CA; Dubai, UAE; Toronto, ON, Las Vegas, NV; Lindon, UT; Edmonton, AB; West Plano, TX; Glendale, CA; Orlando, FL; Genting, MY; and Santa Monica, CA. After its successful Series A funding in 2018, the startup is also planning to roll out its services in nine new locations including Washington, DC; Hollywood, CA; New York; Austin, TX; Atlanta; Philadelphia; Minneapolis; and Dallas .

The startup provides users with a combination of the state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, multisensory effects including smell and touch, physical stages with IP from some of the top players in interactive entertainment in Hollywood.

‘The Void’ is one of the many startups in the VR space that currently operate ticketed virtual reality experiences in movie theaters and malls around globe.

‘The Void’ has also entered into a partnership with Disney and ILMxLab for various location-based experiences that will include attractions such as Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and Ralf Breaks VR. On top of the content from these partnerships, The Void has produced its own original content in-house such as the Nicodemus horror experience. All these three games were featured at its teaser posters at its San Francisco location.

‘The Void’ prides itself in offering its viewers ‘hyper-reality’ with a whole-body and fully immersive virtual reality experience that promises users mindboggling surprises at every step of the way as it takes them to worlds previously beyond their reach . The company is one of the trailblazers in the delivery of location-based virtual reality experiences.

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