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Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale (2018), a story-driven bowshooter from Moscow-based indie studio Odd Meter, demonstrated some relatively high polish when it was first released on PC VR headsets last year. Now, the studio says its making its way to PSVR on December 17th.

We were mightily impressed with this medieval bowshooter when it was first released on Steam back in May 2018, giving it a resounding [8.7/10] in our review.

Although it didn’t generate much press following its relatively quiet launch on PC, Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale ultimately shows a fair measure of expertise in visual polish and storytelling. It also boasts a more lifelike quality not often seen in lower budget productions, which is thanks to some pretty impressive motion capture.

Not only that, it’s also an engaging, but pretty difficult game, as you use multiple arrow types to grind down seemingly endless hordes of baddies on your way through its campaign.

While some may recoil in horror at the mere mention of teleportation, Sacralith’s node teleportation scheme is actually molded around the game in such a way that it adds to its difficulty; you’re forced to you use different vantage points to shoot down foes, which at times intentionally limits how close you can get to the steady stream of enemies.

We’re hoping Odd Meter was able to squeeze enough of that near ‘AAA’ goodness onto the more demure PS4 platform, and was also able to contend with PS Move’s tracking limitations, which sometimes makes VR archery a challenge due to sensor occlusion.

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