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As movie tie-ins go, the Star Wars franchise has it all (even Star Wars-branded fruit at one point). Now, Magic Leap says the porg-tastic AR experience Star Wars: Project Porg is available on Magic Leap One. Latent Tamagotchi fans, look out.

Update (February 19th, 2019): Magic Leap & ILMxLAB announced that ‘Star Wars: Project Porg’ is now free on Magic Leap One. ILMxLAB also released an behind-the-scenes look at ‘Project Porg’ (linked below).

In the experience, C-3P0 drops off a baby porg. Much like an old school Tamagotchi or Neopet, you take care of the porg, play fetch, feed it, and help it raise baby porgs too. Yes. There’s a laser pointer, and apparently porgs love them as much as cats.

Original Article (February 6th, 2019): Project Porg was originally slated to release in December 2018, and we weren’t sure what happened to the project in the meantime. In a series of tweets today, both Magic Leap and ILMxLAB announced that the immersive AR experience is “hatching soon.”

First teased at Magic Leap’s developer conference last October, ILMxLAB’s Project Porg is an AR experiment that tasks you with gaining the trust and affection of your porgs by feeding them treats, playing with them, and following instructions from C-3PO, voiced by original actor Anthony Daniels.

There’s no definite release date yet on the porgy-pet simulator, although Magic Leap One owners are probably used to waiting at this point, as the company is still making strides to fill out its content store. Hopefully the company’s Independent Creator grant program will help, as they’re awarding between $20,000 to $500,000 to successful applicants.

The post ILMxLAB’s ‘Star Wars: Project Porg’ Virtual Pet Experience Comes to Magic Leap One appeared first on Road to VR.

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