Location-based entertainment virtual reality arcades are expanding rapidly across the globe. When it comes to LBE VR arcades, there is no one cookie-cutter model. They take varied forms and business models ranging from the extensive warehouse-scale experiences to the smaller-scale standard roomscale virtual reality experiences or even more compact experiences such as Virtuix’s VR Arena or unique arcade formats such as Birdly. One of the companies offering VR arcade experiences is Hologate and the VR LBE company will be launched its latest product known as Hologate Blitz during the IAAPA Expo Europe.

Hologate Blitz
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Hologate Blitz

Hologate Blitz is a flexible VR motion simulator which has been designed for racing and flying games. The Blitz platform is built for multiplayer experiences that support between 2 and 8 players and which cover a broad spectrum of genres ranging from the fire-breathing dragons to space battles or futuristic racers.

Hologate Blitz features a steering wheel which can be switched from a 1-axis to a 2-axis control along with a pneumatic system capable of moving almost one full meter in height and which is able to tilt at ±30°in any direction. These features make it possible for Hologate Blitz to provide users with full immersion while also reducing motion sickness.

The Hologate Blitz motion simulator has been custom-built from scratch for use in VR arcades.

During its display at the IAAPA Expo Europe held in Paris, Hologate didn’t reveal the cost of its Blitz simulator would cost, the hardware configurations that would be available or the selection of video games that it would be compatible with. Hologate’s normal systems generally use the HTC Vive Pro platform but the pictures released seem to indicate the system will have standard support for Valve Index.

The machine debuted at the Paris expo. This was the first time ever that it was being shown to the public. The hydraulic system can move up to a meter in the air and tilt 30 degrees in either direction.

The Blitz’s controls are fairly flexible. Players can leverage either the single-axis or the two-axis control change depending on whether they are playing a racing game or flight simulator. It is also possible to simulate wind depending on the speed in the game.

It is possible to network up to eight machines together for the multiplayer experiences.

Hologate plans to announce the complete package price during the IAPPA Expo in Orlando this November. The deliveries should also begin about the same time.

Hologate also builds customized games for the motion simulator although the Munich-based startup has also indicated that it is interested in partnering with external developers.

Hologate already sells ready-to-use virtual reality arcade systems for cinemas, amusement parks and shopping centers. Hologate’s arcade complete solutions have already been installed in over 300 locations across 25 countries. According to Hologate, its solutions in arcades already reach more than 5 million players annually.

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