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Both Oculus Quest and Quest 2 have the ability to track your hands, but precious few games have integrated the tech. Now, indie developer Dennys Kuhnert and Holonautic are getting ready to release a virtual smorgasbord of hand-tracking-based puzzles and tasks.

Hand Physics is launching April 1st, bringing its Touch-less game to the official Oculus Store. Ok, that’s not entirely true; it also supports Touch controllers, but it was primarily created to make use of Quest’s innate optical hand-tracking.

In the game you’re tasked with running through various whacky objectives, including painting eggs with your fingers, building cube towers, using magnets and telekinesis, shaking hands with your clone, petting a virtual cat—all of it timed and scored.

In its pre-release stage, the game has already celebrated its fair share of success. The game has been previously available in beta via SideQuest where it was downloaded over 185,000 times, garnering a user review of [4.6/5].

Dennys Kuhnert, co-founder and CTO of Holonautic, has been previously involved in creating the studio’s Early Access physics-based game Holoception (2019)which lets you take either a first or third-person view inside a world full of stick figure violence reminiscent of Flash games and videos from the early ’00s.

We’re hoping to get a look at the full version before its released on Quest next week, so make sure to check back soon. You can currently wishlist the game here.

The post Hand-tracking Game ‘Hand Physics’ for Quest Releasing April 1st, Trailer Here appeared first on Road to VR.

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