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GORN (2019), the comically violent VR combat game, has finally made its way to PSVR. Starting today you’ll be able to clobber a near-endless supply of teetering barbarians—and living room TVs if you don’t watch where you swing those Move controllers.

Update (May 19th, 2020): GORN is now available on PSVR, priced at $20 on the PlayStation Store.

Update (May 5th, 2020): Officially launched out of Early Access on PC VR headsets in July 2019, the hyper-violent gladiator sim GORN is finally making its way to PSVR on May 19th.

Announced via the PS blog, this will also include the previously seen ‘piñata mode’, which turns all of the comically oversized enemies into paper, replete with candy that falls out when you hit them.

Check out the new trailer below. Yes, that’s a rap video featuring a fictitious barbarian language (and yes, it’s awesome).

Original Article (July 9th, 2019): The physics-based gladiator sim—available on Steam (Rift, Vive, Index) and the Oculus Store (Rift)—is slated to leave Early Access on July 18th.

Free Lives, the team also behind Broforce (2015) and Genital Jousting (2018), haven’t spoken yet about what updates they’ll be bringing to the full version of the game when it launches next week, although a Free Lives developer took to Reddit to say that new content was ‘definitely’ coming at launch.

Earlier this year, the studio released their biggest update yet, dubbed ‘The Teachings of ODALBE’, which reworked the progression and unlock system of the game’s campaign. The Teachings of ODALBE arrived in February (and a hotfix one month later), however at the time Free Lives didn’t consider the campaign as properly finalized, so we’d expect the studio will bring yet more polish to the campaign as a part of their launch day content.

Otherwise, it’s still a mystery what GORN has in store—maybe more giant crab-bros? We’ll be keeping our eyes open, so check back soon for more info on launch day.

The post Gladiator Sim ‘GORN’ Launches on PSVR Today, Including Less Violent ‘Piñata Mode’ appeared first on Road to VR.

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