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As a part of PlayStation’s Play at Home program, the company is giving away a selection of nine free games, five of which are some of the best VR games on the platform.

From March 25th until April 23rd, you’ll be able to download these PSVR games for free:

  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Moss
  • Rez Infinite 
  • Paper Beast
  • Thumper

Headlining the bunch is Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which won our 2018 PSVR Game of the Year Award for its notably ingenious design that plays to PlayStation VR’s strengths while avoiding its weaknesses. We also scored it a perfect [10/10] in our review, a first for Road to VR when it launched back in October 2018.

All of these titles are legitimately fantastic games however. Considering they’re free independent from the monthly PlayStation Plus giveaways, there’s no reason not to nab all of them in one go if you don’t already have a copy.

Other games (non-VR) included in the Play at Home giveaway include Abzû, Enter the Gungeon, Subnautica, and The Witness. 

All of the titles above will be free to download from March 25th 8:00pm PT / March 26th 03:00 GMT / 04:00 CET to April 22nd 8:00pm PT / April 23rd 04:00 BST / 05:00 CEST.

As a 10th title, Ratchet & Clank (2016) for PS4 is still free until March 31st, 2021.

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