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VRsenal, a company creating commercial VR attractions, has partnered with Beat Saber (2018) studio Beat Games to launch a VR arcade machine featuring the popular block-slicing rhythm game. The arcade cabinet, which is touted for its ability to run attendant-free, is set to debut next week at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida.

The fully-automated cabinet boasts a massive 80-inch 4K screen protected by quarter-inch windshield glass that mirrors the player’s in-game point of view. Integrated in the system is an HP VR-ready PC, replete with Intel i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card, HTC Vive Pro headset, and Vive controllers. A cable management and retraction system hangs overhead for ease of use.


Touted as an attendant-free system, the machine also boasts an integrated self ticketing system, something the company says lets it achieve a 99% uptime record. VRsenal says the machine has been optimized for “high throughput, high uptime, high ROI, and low maintenance,” some of which can be attributed to an integrated card reader and on-screen instructions on how to both sanitize and correctly adjust the headset to fit the individual player.

As if the monolithic black and neon machine weren’t already attractive enough to curious onlookers, to top off the cabinet’s futuristic vibe two holographic-style signs blare the Beat Saber name.

‘Beat Saber’ for Rift & Vive to Get New Features Soon, New Tracks “at a later date”

This isn’t the first deal Beat Games has made to bring the popular block-slicing rhythm game to VR arcades. In late August the studio partnered with Seoul-based SKonec Entertainment to roll out similar Beat Saber machines to arcades across South Korea and China.

Since its launch into Early Access this spring, Beat Saber has celebrated a notable degree of success, taking the number seven spot on Steam’s best rated games last month and posting more than $2 million in gross revenue in its first month. Beat Saber is also headed to PSVR this month, positioning it to be one of VR’s most popular titles yet.

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