Invrse Reality has decided to bless the VR community with a unique VR puzzle game called “The Stars Between Us,” which allows us to visit a unqiue experience in the virtual reality space.

In The Stars Between Us you will be taking part in a love story that is virtually out of this world. The vastness of space separates our two heroes, and your goal is to bring them together.

Players will be able to experience intuitive and immersive gameplay as you travel between planets and stars, solving 3D puzzles at your own pace. The puzzles are made around the planets of the heroes and by solving these puzzles you bring them closer together.

There will be around 30 fun-filled levels with plans for additional levels in the future. The catchy thing about The Stars Between Us is that its very casual and takes you into a peaceful state of mind in outer space.

For those that are looking for a casual puzzle game, this might be the go-to choice. You can get your hands on the new experience today. It is available for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift.

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