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Dreams (2020) launched out of Early Access on PS4 earlier this year, and while PSVR users have been patiently awaiting any news of the promised VR support, Media Molecule has stayed fairly mum on the subject. Now the studio’s creative director & co-founder Mark Healey says Dreams is currently undergoing its final stages before release.

Healey says in a recent tweet that the long-awaited PSVR support for Dreams is done “feature/content wise,” and is currently in the bug-fixing, quality assurance, and localization phases.

Although Healey can’t give up a launch date just yet, it’s an encouraging sign that PSVR support may be right around the corner.

Furthermore, Healey showed off an example of some content coming to the VR expansion, something he says is only one of the example content pieces that are designed to be dissected, remixed and used to create new things.

Although we aren’t sure when it’s set to launch, if the studio’s public Dreams trello board is anything to go by the VR expansion will come at some point after the 2.11 update, which is said to include a new ‘Welcome Garden Gameplay Pack’.

Launched into Early Access on PS4 late last year and later officially released in February 2020, Dreams is a content creation suite that not only lets you build your own games and experiences, but also freely share and play creations from others.

It’s been a long time coming for PSVR users, who’ve been promised a powerful VR creation tool and sharing platform, something that aims to provide a measure of openness to the comparatively locked-down PS4 console.

The post ‘Dreams’ PSVR Expansion Now in Final Development Stage, Suggesting Nearby Launch appeared first on Road to VR.

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