They have been a number of imitations released so far since the Pokémon Go craze of 2016. These have included Jurassic World, Men in Black, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Ghostbusters and more recently, Minecraft Earth AR. All of these titles were impressive and had the potential to hit Pokémon’s soaring success levels. However, none of them is yet to hit even a fraction of that success.

The latest is Dragon Quest Walk which was announced this summer and it appears to hit the right notes as it is on the path to becoming a huge phenomenon, at least in Japan. The RPG series is currently more popular in Japan that any other game brands and it also doing well financially.

Dragon Quest Players are also Spending a Lot of Money

According to analyst Sensortower, Dragon Quest Walk has already been downloaded 1.7 million times on both Android and iOS since its launch in Japan on September 8th.  The sales figures are also quite impressive, grossing $86 million in just the first 30 days. During the same period, Pokémon Go grossed $118 million so the financial success is at least comparable. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the third most successful title based on sales figures having grossed $12 million in sales during the first 30 days.

Location Based AR Games Revenues
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Location Based AR Games Revenues

Pokémon however enjoys a clear lead based on the number of users. Sales per player on Dragon Quest now stands at $51. On Pokemon, that figure stood at just $12 so while Dragon has much fewer number of players, it is grossing almost four times per player than Pokemon. It is not yet known whether Dragon Quest Walk will be released outside Japan.

Source: sensor tower

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