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DOOM 3 VR Edition launches today on PlayStation consoles, bringing the 2004 classic horror-shooter to PSVR for the first time.

We haven’t gone hands-on with the refreshed VR port yet, however YouTube channel ‘GrizGaming‘ puts together a good look of the game in this no commentary video, which takes you from the very beginning of the game to about a fifth of the way through the main campaign.

In the video, GrizGaming plays on Veteran mode whilst using PSVR’s Aim controller. Veteran is just one step below ‘Nightmare’, which is unlocked once you beat the game on any difficulty. If you’re looking to skip the early giblets and head straight for the demon-slaying madness, skip to around the 15 minute mark.

At least from what we can tell from the video, the game appears to look fairly well realized; the studio also says its overhauled design, art, UI, and even sound effects. The video of course can’t tell the whole story though when it comes to viewing it in-headset.

Like many flatscreen shooters, DOOM 3 is all about classic ‘running and gunning’, but thankfully we’ve noticed a few things that ought to take the edge off eventual comfort issues. Cutscenes are rendered within a viewing window, which is less immersive but undoubtedly more comfortable than having your head tossed around like a camera. The game also includes hand and head-relative locomotion, smooth and variable snap turning, and variable turning vignette for more comfort—all of it intended to keep your lunch where it belongs. Still it’s sure to be an intense experience for VR users since it requires so much turning, fast movement, and artificial jumping and crouching.

One complaint that you can forget about with the overhauled PSVR version is gameplay length though. The 10+ hour campaign also includes the original expansions—the Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil—although we haven’t seen that content just yet.

We haven’t played yet, so we can’t suggest you pick it up. Just the same though, you’ll find Doom 3 VR Edition on PS4 and PS5 (backwards compatible) for $20 on the PlayStation Store.

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