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It seems some cajoling from both the racing sim community and Oculus itself has gotten through to DiRT Rally (2015) studio Codemasters, because the upcoming sequel, which was once slated to release only on consoles and PC, is now coming to the Oculus platform this summer.

DiRT Rally is currently one of the best racing sims available on VR headsets, so when fans of the series heard that Codemasters was making DiRT Rally 2.0, it was clear we were in for another highly-polished off-road adventure. However soon after the title’s announcement in Fall last year, it appeared the studio had other plans, saying that VR wouldn’t be apart of the launch roadmap.

“We’re focusing on making the core game experience before launch – and after that, if there is demand from our community, then we’ll explore the possibility,” McGrath told USGamer back in September.

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DiRT Rally 2.0 is set to release on February 26th, and while that won’t initially include VR support, it appears at least we’ll be getting Rift support sometime this summer.

There’s no word on whether the VR version will be an Oculus exclusive at this point, but considering the tweet from Codemasters below, it’s possible Oculus helped fund VR development on the title.

DiRT Rally 2.0 includes a new authentic handling model, tire choice, and surface deformation. Off-road environments span New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia and the US.

The game boasts eight official circuits from the FIA World Rallycross championship, complete with licensed Supercars and support series. Events and championships will be available in both a single-player Career Campaign and a competitive online multiplayer.

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