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1080° Snowboarding (1998) is a classic Nintendo 64 classic snowboarding game that inspired future titles in the genre like SSX Tricky. Now one of the game’s original creators, Giles Goddard, is bringing a new, first-person VR snowboarding game, Carve Snowboarding to Oculus.

Revealed today during the Oculus Gaming Showcase, Carve Snowboarding is aiming to bring first-person snowboarding to VR. While the game is seemingly set to launch on an Oculus headset, exactly which Oculus headset isn’t year clear, though the graphics would lead us to expect Quest as the baseline version. We’ve reached out for clarification.

There’s little info on Carve Snowboarding thus far; Eurogamer gleaned some details on a VR snowboarding prototype from Giles Goddard back in 2019, though it isn’t clear how much of the vision laid out there will make its way into Carve Snowboarding. The game is being developed by Goddard and his studio, Chuhai Labs.

The post ‘Carve Snowboarding’ Coming to VR From Creator of ‘1080° Snowboarding’ appeared first on Road to VR.

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