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Stealth robot-killing game Budget Cuts (2018) launched earlier this year to much fanfare, but also garnered more than a few gripes surrounding bugs at launch. Now in their fifth update to the game, developers Neat Corporation have squashed plenty of bugs over past few months, and have today revealed that more levels are incoming thanks to a newly announced arcade version.

In a Steam news post, developer Linnéa Harrison says the studio has been thinking about how to make Budget Cuts easier to pick up and play, something the 5+ hours story doesn’t easily provide.

The arcade version is said to come with four “entirely new levels and missions,” Harrison says. The best bit—owners of Budget Cuts will receive the new arcade levels for free.

There’s no word on when the Arcade version is coming, and Neat Corp is staying tight-lipped on the specifics.

If haven’t had a chance to play (or want to waste some time while you wait), check out our in-depth review of Budget Cuts to see what makes it tick and why we gave it an impressive [9.2/10].

The post ‘Budget Cuts’ is Getting More Levels with Launch of New Arcade Version appeared first on Road to VR.

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