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Prepare to sweat (and probably curse) because Beat Games, the studio behind block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018), today released a new Expert+ mode to its suite of existing songs on PSVR.

Along with it, the update brings a new option in the settings that allows ‘Reduced Debris’, something the studio says greatly helps visibility in Expert+ by reducing the particle effects so you can get an easier view of incoming blocks.

Jaroslav Beck, the musician behind many of the game’s songs, released a blog video detailing the Expert+ difficulty modes, saying that the update was initially planned a few days before but suffered from an issue surrounding integration of leader boards.

Beck also spoke about the third original soundtrack for Beat Saber. Beck will be in LA in the next weeks to meet “some pretty amazing artists,” but also says free songs are coming too despite the ever-present need to pay revenue shares to artists.

Hit Viral Song POP/STARS Comes to ‘Beat Saber’ Free on All Platforms

“I don’t know when this will be ready. This is pretty unpredictable when we will finish the music, it’s [essentially] the same as code. What you need to understand is there will be music packs because we paid to give a revenue share to the artists or to the label and then we would still like to release music that’s never been heard before, and this music will be free with every update,” Beck said.

“I think there will be a lot, lot of music coming,” he concluded.

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