Apple’s ARKit Reality Composer has also been released with the iOS 13. With just an iPhone or an iPad, you can use this building kit to create simple augmented reality experiences.

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Apple has emphasized easy handling in the kit. For casual users, the program still doesn’t offer much. The user interface is still sketchy and requires some training but it still allows you to accomplish more. Better still, the fact that you only need one iOS device to use makes it more accessible.

Users who still want to work on Mac can export the augmented reality experiences using an iPad or an iPhone on the go and then go on to work on the projects on a Macbook or Mac. The exported projects are still compatible with the Mac development environment Xcode as well as Apple’s WebAR Quick Look solution.

Create Your Own 3D Worlds With Reality Composer

When you open the app and create a project, you can choose different reference points or “anchors”. For example, you can decide whether the AR object should be placed on a horizontal surface or on the wall. They can even decide on whether the picture should trigger an animation. The app can even be used to create facial filters in which case the face becomes the AR anchor.

The Reality Composer app provides a manageable set of pre-made objects, sounds as well as animations that the user can load onto the augmented reality experience. You can even import your own 3D models into the app using Apple’s AR format USDZ.

The objects can be assigned events and animations. For example, an object may only appear after a certain duration of time or when hovering close to it. Or you can have an animation that is triggered when touched.

Users can always switch to the AR perspective and when the camera is activated, they can try out the augmented reality in real-life environment or within the smartphone app.

The app will appeal to enthusiasts augmented reality enthusiasts who wish to get a taste of augmented reality or developers who may wish to quickly to create augmented reality prototypes.

Reality Composer can be downloaded from iOS for free. The YouTube video below offers a developer tutorial. Users looking for a browser-based and platform-agnostic alternative to the Reality Composer can try out Wiarframe.

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