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Alien: Isolation (2014) is still an awesome horror experience, even if the Xenomorph-filled game of ‘cat and mouse’ is showing its age when played on modern SteamVR-compatible headsets. Still, you can’t argue with free.

As one of the first ‘AAA’ titles to gain VR support back in the olden days (we’re talking 2014 here), Alien: Isolation isn’t only a bit of VR history, but it’s still one of finest horror survival games out there. It’s absolutely brimming with atmosphere and deadly Xenomorphs hunting you down.

Check out the video below to see what you could be doing this weekend:

Developers Creative Assembly never officially added in VR support in the full release, but there’s a common workaround that will get you playing in SteamVR headsets in short order.

Simply download the game, then the latest version of MotherVR mod, which you drop directly into the game’s folder. And there you have it, Xenomorphs in your face.

You can download Alien: Isolation right now, or just add it to your account for later by heading over to the Epic Games Store. Don’t wait!

The post ‘Alien: Isolation’ is Free on Epic Games Store Starting Today appeared first on Road to VR.

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